In A Nutshell

If you are in charge of Leadership Development at your organization and you are willing to take the risk on an unusual experience because you know that helping Leaders to the next level isn’t easy we would love to talk.

Dr. David Weiss* is a fan – he told us that it was the first leadership experience he had attended where he would not change one thing.

Its the carefully crafted leadership theory underlying every step linked to instinctive equine behaviour that is unique. Interacting with horses is optional – those who watch also participate in learning. In most groups, we start out with a few people who don’t like horses at all (that isn’t how we end up).

Why do  Management Consultants do Leadership Development with horses? 

  • Because horses are way more interesting than slide decks.
  • Because it makes hard concepts much easier to understand.
  • Because earning Followership works the same way for people and for horses
  • Because we get better results faster
  • Because the learning sticks

It only takes about 15 minutes to know if there is a fit.


*Dr. David S. Weiss, ICD.D is President and CEO of Weiss International Ltd., a firm specializing in innovation, leadership, and HR consulting for many Fortune 500, social enterprise and public-sector organizations. Previously, Affiliate Professor of Rotman School of Management, Senior Research Fellow at Queen’s University, and VP and Chief Innovation Officer in a multinational consulting firm, David currently teaches at four university executive development programs, including Rotman, Schulich, DeGroote, and St, Mary’s University.

Dr. Weiss attended was a faculty member in an executive leadership program that ran for 10 years. His Leadership unit was followed by a custom Execusense program.