Custom Programs

What kind of program fits your specific needs?

  • a half day experiential session to energize an event 
  • a 12 month leadership program with a mix of experiential and working sessions 
  • a comprehensive Team Building program 
  • a multi day retreat including strategic planning
  • and more

Enhancing your Leadership Development program

We are part of several In House Leadership Development programs. The Horse Sense session not only gets top feedback but is voted as the session that participants most want to retain.   The Leadership Experience typically falls about 1/3 of the way through the program – after assessments and basic intros but before project work.

Team Intervention

If you have a team that is struggling we can turn them around.  We will build a custom program for you that will include a horse day but likely will also have some pre and post-session work.  We have had teams shift from being the bottom performer in their organization to the top within 6 months.

We will help the team:

  • Identify the Greater Common Goal that aligns all team members, the reason behind everything you do.
  • Uncover the mindsets that once helped your leaders succeed but now are getting in their way.
  • Raise awareness of the assumptions that are limiting the effectiveness of your team’s communication.
  • Clarify exactly which value-added tasks they must be responsible for.
  • Learn how to delegate in a way that improves the quality of results.
  • Use a Feed Forward strategy that painlessly drives continuous improvement both within the team and with each leader’s direct reports.
What would tell you if this is a fit for your group?