Bringing Leadership Lessons to Life

Gently shake Leaders out of their comfort zone as they engage in an experience that will deepen their understanding of what it takes to truly earn Followership.

The parallels to the challenges facing Leaders are remarkable.   This is not a simulation – its very real.  Instead of talking about what might change if leaders walked their talk, kept focus on the big picture, listened to feedback, earned trust and respect, learned from past experience, understood different perspectives (and more!) your leaders will experience the impact.  Participants remember the learnings from their day with the horses for years (we checked!) and, even better, clients report an immediate shift in behaviour.


LeaderSense programs focus on individual success – what does it take to be a great leader? How can you personally step up your game? Groups of 6 to 24 leaders who may be participating in an organizations Leadership Development program.

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TeamSense programs focus on building Highly Effective Teams. We work with intact teams; one or more leaders and their direct reports. Team members explore personal leadership as well as team dynamics. It is a great way for team members to get to know each other better.

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ExecuSense programs focus on the unique challenges facing senior executives. Participants get more one on one time with senior consultants to ensure personal and private feedback.

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It can be hard to understand the impact of this program without experiencing it.  This video will give you a taste.  Ask for the debrief for more details.  There is a ton of learning here.

Most leaders are not aware of how often communication problems are a result of differing perspectives or how quickly they can unintentionally lose trust and respect.   In this 30-second interaction, Cody’s feedback is being misinterpreted because of some assumptions that the leader is making despite behavioural feedback.  Watch it carefully and see if you can catch the moment when Cody stops attempting to communicate?  Can you tell which actions are building respect and which are breaking trust?

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Resource:  Ladder of Inference: Chris Argyris